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Local-first Applications

The best features from local and client/server applications

Curious what a CRDT is and why Amazon relies on them to sync your shopping carts across devices?

Heard the term "local-first application" and wondered how an application could function without a centralized data store? (And even be more performant for it?)

Ever read the words “Disturbed Systems” and felt the hair raise on the nape of your neck?

Come learn (with a pinch of hands-on exploration) in this online workshop by Mycelial’s Principal Instructor, James Moore.

In this session, you will learn:

  • - Why you should consider building local-first applications
  • - How surprisingly fast local-first applications are (No more spinners!)
  • - The features and benefits of local-first apps vs. local apps vs. client/server apps
  • - The new technology breakthrough that enables local-first apps - Conflict-Free Replicated Datatypes (CRDTs)
  • - Common use-cases for local-first apps
  • - Limitations of local-first apps
  • - The Mycelial tools that we're creating to support building full-fledged local-first apps
  • - How to use Mycelial's CRDT library

August 4th, 2022
2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

James Moore, Principal Instructor

James discovered the joy of software development while submerged hundreds of feet deep in the Pacific ocean. He liked it so much, he left his career as Navy Nuclear Submariner to learn everything he could about creating software. As a nuclear trained engineer, he figured out how to learn things quickly, which has helped in a career where the learning never stops. Currently he's the Principal Instructor at Mycelial.

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