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Put your data in motion.

Drop in a library, synchronize anywhere. Mycelite unifies your Edge and Cloud SQLite instances, peer-to-peer and without any data middleware.

Every app has SQLite - connect them directly.

Mycelite securely synchronizes any and all of your SQLite instances, without APIs.


Mycelite automatically syncs data between your Edge SQLite instances (iOS, Android, embedded, browser) and your Cloud data infrastructure. Instead of fetching or pushing data via API, your local Mycelite instance automatically reconciles local and remote changes, so your app always has the latest state.


Mycelite turns every subscribed SQLite instance into a peer, and handles all the transport protocols (BTLE, LoRa, WebRTC etc.). You only need to care about what you want to synchronize, not the how. And Mycelite embeds in the browser, allowing anyone to sync data into dashboards or web apps.


Mycelite is powered by the Mycelial CRDT Engine. Conflict-Free Replicated Datatypes (CRDTs) guarantee that two Mycelite SQLite instances always show the same state after syncing (think Google Docs). Because any data conflicts are guaranteed to resolve deterministically, your Edge apps can continue to operate on their local state, even when offline.

SQLite is the best for data at rest.

Mycelite puts your SQLite data in motion.

With Mycelite, all your apps securely read and write data locally, and all changes synchronize to their peer applications without conflict.

Zero Infrastructure

Mycelite is a library you include in your app. If your app is running — Mycelite is running.

Zero Ops

Mycelite automatically updates when you update your app.

Zero Code

Point Mycelite to your in-app or standalone SQLite instance, and watch your state hydrate anywhere.

Your Data, Your Rules 💾

Data is the most important part of your business. Say goodbye to tools that take data ownership away from you. Mycelite empowers you to set rules around your data, right at the point of origination.

Transform Data In-line

Mycelial's transformation engine enables developers to write code in JavaScript or any language that compiles to WebAssembly. Extract data, transform it, and integrate with APIs without bleeding it through your services and infrastructure. No more hanging webhooks.

Integrate Everything

External sources and sinks enable data to flow in and out of your Mycelial Network, no matter where they are. Airgapped database? Mycelial can handle it. Webhook API integrations? No problem, point them at Mycelial. Your application has a single source of state for everything.

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