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Build your
distributed local-first synchronized Edge Native
app without the hassle

Drop in a library, get back to work. Mycelial is the Edge Native platform for distributed, local-first applications.

Built for Developers ⚡️

Local-first. Bandwidth-optimized. Synchronized. In a few steps, Mycelial gives your applications superpowers while you focus on the things that make your business stand out.

Use as a library, from anywhere

Mycelial drops into the toolchain you're already using. No more hunting for the right package for the right language, forking libraries, and hoping each library in your supply chain stays up to date.

Synchronize state, not events

Events seem simple, but lead to fractured state and leave teams to solve conflict resolution, hydration, and local storage on their own. Mycelial is batteries and charger included - set the state you care about, and react to it.

For the web, and beyond.

Optimized for all your distributed system use cases. Synchronize state from mobile applications, smart factories, cloud services, and APIs with the same code.

Your Data, Your Rules

Data is the most important part of your business. Say goodbye to tools that take data ownership away from you. Mycelial synchronizes your state without storing your data. The Mycelial Cloud empowers you to set rules around your data, right at the point of origination.

Transform Data In-line

Mycelial's transformation engine enables developers to write code in JavaScript or any language that compiles to WebAssembly. Extract data, transform it, and integrate with APIs without bleeding it through your services and infrastructure. No more hanging webhooks.

Integrate Everything

External sources and sinks enable data to flow in and out of your Mycelial Network, no matter where they are. Airgapped database? Mycelial can handle it. Webhook API integrations? No problem, point them at Mycelial. Your application has a single source of state for everything.

Available now in technical preview. Start your free trial today.